Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Isabelle Zehnder - Coaching for Families

When the lines of communication have been severed, when teens are making poor choices or struggling in school, when parents feel all hope is gone, and when they feel they have run out of options, I recommend they:

Stop - Take a Breath - Reassess

With the support of a skilled family coach parents and teens can learn to talk to each other again, communicating in a loving and respectful way. Parents can regain confidence in parenting their teens, helping them to grow into confident, courageous, and compassionate adults.

If you have a teen and are struggling to maintain a loving connection, coaching can help. Time with teens is precious. Don't waste it!

What you do today could pave the path to a wonderful, longing, meaningful relationship with your child that will take you through all the days of your life.

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